Siding Colors by RJ Roofing in Portland OR

Siding is one of the first things that visitors will notice about your home, which is why you want to choose a beautiful option that fits your style and personality. Here at RJ Roofing & Exteriors, we are proud to offer a wide range of style and color options so you can find the perfect siding for your home. Browse our color collections here, or contact one of our experts to get your free estimate today!

How to Choose the Best Siding Color

The right siding color can completely transform the look of your property. Whether you want a bold and bright color or something that’s more neutral and soothing, you are sure to find the perfect option in our wide selection of siding colors. To find the right color for your home, consider these factors:

  • Style of your home: Certain colors can really complement different architectural styles. For example, a modern home may look best in dark colors while a classic house may come to life with a more vibrant coat. Looking at the style of your home is a great way to narrow down which siding color is best for you.
  • Your interior: Your siding color is the perfect chance to showcase your personality and give a small preview of what your home is like on the inside. While you don’t need to match your interior’s color pallet exactly, choosing similar colors for your siding can create a flow between the interior and exterior of your home
  • Surrounding scenery: The scenery around your home can be very useful in helping you decide on the perfect color. If you’re surrounded by lush greenery, for example, you may want an organic color that works with the natural landscape. Choosing a color that harmonizes with your surroundings can create a beautiful effect.
  • Your neighborhood: If you want your home to blend seamlessly with your neighborhood, then it’s also useful to consider what type of colors nearby homes are using. If you live in an HOA, then now is also a good time to make sure there aren’t any rules or restrictions to follow.

Beautiful Siding in Portland OR

If you are ready to transform your home with stunning exterior siding, you can count on the experts at RJ Roofing & Exteriors! Having served the Portland OR area for over 16 years, our team of licensed siding contractors know what it takes to deliver exceptional workmanship and an outstanding customer experience. It is our goal to bring you beautiful and functional siding that you can enjoy for decades to come – which is why we also offer a lifetime leak-free guarantee on each project. To get started, call us today and get your free quote!