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The Best Commercial Roofing in Portland OR

What you want out of your commercial roof isn’t too different from the roof on your home. You need something reliable and built to last, just like the business you run. Not only that, but you need something capable of withstanding the wide range of weather experienced in the Pacific Northwest. The roof of your commercial business is quite possibly the biggest investment you’ll make, especially if you go the extra step and keep up with regular maintenance. When it’s at its best, a quality roof may not be the first thing most customers and clientele will consciously be aware of – but if it’s in disrepair you can be sure it won’t go unnoticed. Don’t let potential patrons form their opinion of how you run your company before they even walk through the doors. Work with RJ Roofing for your commercial repair and replacement and we’ll make sure you get the most out of your business no matter the season.

Should I Repair or Replace My Commercial Roof?

How do you know when you need to repair your commercial roof? The best way is to keep up with regular scheduled inspections with a qualified roofer who can spot problems while they’re still in infancy, saving you a costly repair and a lot of hassle. These issues may include an increase in humidity within the buildings, visible water stains, and new pest infestations. Or maybe you’ve found yourself paying more on your energy bill for seemingly no reason. All of these factors indicate that your roof is no longer reflective or watertight, which causes heat and moisture to permeate. This is not just unpleasant to work in, but it renders your business an ideal breeding ground for the kind of mold that may be hazardous to the health of your guests and employees.

The commercial roofers at RJ Roofing can tell you what repairs will get you and your building back to working order. In certain cases, though, our technician may find the damage too severe and advise instead for a commercial roof replacement. This might be the best choice of action if:

  • The roof is 25+ years old
  • There are blisters on the surface
  • The roof is soft or uneven
  • There are missing or damaged flashings

It’s not advisable to work under a roof that’s no longer working with you. There may be a considerable price tag attached to a commercial roof repair or replacement, but both processes are entirely worth the cost when you consider their benefits.

Benefits of a New and Maintained Commercial Roof

It’s suggested in the roofing industry that you get your commercial roof inspected twice a year, especially after any storms or other extreme weather patterns. If you get a new roof for your business through RJ Roofing, you have the chance to start this process fresh and protect your valued investment for as long as possible. Longevity and durability are only a few of the benefits of a new commercial roof, which also includes:

  • Ideal safety conditions
  • Decreased energy costs
  • Tax savings

We understand that the roof of your business plays a different role than that over homes and other properties. There’s an aesthetic element that comes from wanting to attract customers and look appealing from the sidewalk, but there’s so much more you have to consider. Whether you run a corporate office, school or retail business, you need a stable top as much as you do a grounded foundation. When you are secure on a structural level, you and your team can focus on the work you’re actually meant to be doing. And if you’re looking for a team that understands the professionalism and transparency you need in a commercial roofing provider, that’s exactly what you’ll get with RJ Roofing.

Choose RJ Roofing for your Commercial Roof

Since 2006 RJ Roofing has been providing top-tier roofing services to all kinds of commercial properties in the Portland area. We value what you value: avoiding repair costs, increasing energy efficiency and even raising the value of your property. When you put everything you have into creating a reliable business, you deserve the kind of service that meets you on those same terms. That’s what RJ Roofing aims to provide to business owners throughout the Portland area. Other commercial roofers offer one-time services – we choose to form relationships with our commercial clients, coming to their properties whenever they need inspections, repairs or replacements. And every service we provide comes with a Lifetime Transferrable Warranty that assures you of a job both well done and long lasting.

Your business deserves nothing else but a roofing technician you can trust. To find that in Portland, contact RJ Roofing today!